Artificial Intelligence (vol. 5)

Where Men Shall Fail – Machines Will Thrive. ( Read more:

UN News – Envoy pledges UN support for Nigeria’s efforts towards release of abducted schoolgirls

The United Nations is committed to supporting Nigeria’s efforts to ensure the release of the schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram militants, the world body’s newly-appointed envoy to the country said today, as he announced that the UN has initiated preparation of a “support package” that will include… Read more:

From Human Extinction to Super Intelligence, Two Futurists Explain

A public Q&A with two researchers at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University explored what existential risks humanity faces and how we could reduce them. Read more:

Artificial Intelligence Monitor

Artificial Intelligence Monitor, by AIM: Monitor de Inteligencia Artificial Read more:

Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) posted a photo on Twitter

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The Neuroscientist Who Wants To Upload Humanity To A Computer

Randal Koene is recruiting top neuroscientists to help him make humans live forever Read more:

Big Data is the new Artificial Intelligence

This is the first of a couple columns about a growing trend in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is likely to be integrated in our culture. Computerworld ran an interesting overview article on the subject yesterday that got me thinking not only about where this technology is going but how it i… Read more:

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Listen to Stand Alone – Artificial Intelligence – online music streaming | Artificial Intelligence

Listen to Stand Alone – Artificial Intelligence – online music streamingMay 18, 2014Google Alert – artificial intelligence Stand Alone is a Studio Album by Artificial Intelligence released in 2010. Listen now for free! Source: Google Alert – artificial intelligence Read more:

Deadman’s Land

A squad of battle-hardened US paratroopers find themselves in mortal combat against a pack of genetically-altered Nazi Werewolves, with the outcome of the Second World War hanging in the balance. Read more: