The Evil of Artificial Intelligence, and Robots

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Weber Forums • View topic – Artificial IntelligenceMay 22, 2014Google Alert – artificial intelligence SWM wrote: Besides, if people thought she was up and dressed when she wasn’t, they might make assumptions that weren’t true. (‘Why isn’t she … Source: Google Alert – artificial intelligence Read more:

How Self-Portraiture Makes you a Better Photographer

As long as art has existed, so too has the self-portrait. Van Gogh famously painted more than 30 self-portraits, using the available subject-of-self as both an outlet for his artistic talents, and as a method for perfecting his craft. Rembrandt, as perhaps the most prolific master of the self-portra… Read more:

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Is Strong Artificial Intelligence a New Life-Form? – Part 1/4 | Portal to the Universe |…

Is Strong Artificial Intelligence a New Life-Form? – Part 1/4 | Portal to the UniverseMay 22, 2014Google Alert – artificial intelligence When an intelligent machine fully emulates the human brain in every regard (i.e., it possesses strong AI), should we consider it a new life-form? Source: Google Al… Read more:

Decision Theory with Imperfect Information

Every day decision making in complex human-centric systems are characterized by imperfect decision-relevant information. The principal problems with the Existing Decision Theories are that they do not have capability to deal with situations in which probabilities and events are imprecise. Read more:

AEPDX / Adobe Pro Video Preview 2014

AEPDX invites you to an evening with Adobe’s Al Mooney (Product Manager of Premiere Pro) and Steve Forde (Product Manager of After Effects) to see first-hand all of the new features revealed at NAB- with a specific focus on After Effects and Premiere Pro. This is your chance to see how exciting new… Read more:

Why isn’t Siri like AI in movies?

Are there ways to make virtual assistants like Siri and Google Now more like the AI systems in the movies, capable of natural sounding conversations? Read more:

Politicians’ $100M Private Slush Funds

Disgraced Congressman Mark Foley and former Senator Evan Bayh are two of the many, many politicians holding onto millions in campaign contributions from races long ago. Read more: